5 - 9/3/ 2011 (10.00 - 18.00)

"Le Jeu or The Play"

Discovering the pleasure of acting with another performer, the rules of the “game”, the “complicity” of fun, and the fundamental skills of being on stage by liberating imagination, spontaneity and creativity.

The research will be to discover a physical state, a childlike disposition, and an openness and naïve way of being.

The work will be based on physical games and improvisations.

A group of performers finding the pleasure of collaborating as an ensemble, creating stories, worlds and characters and keeping the spirit of each individual alive and free.

Marcello Magni was Born in Bergamo, Italy. He studies at DAMS of Bologna University but runs away to Paris where he starts his theatrical formation.
Diplome’ at the Jacques Lecoq Ecole he continues his studies with P. Byland, P. Gaulier and M. Pagneux.
He is an actor, director, movement director and theatre teacher (Ecole Jacques Lecoq).
Co- Founder of Complicite’ in London.
He collaborates and performs in “A Minute Too Late”, “More Bigger Snacks Now”, “ Anything for a quite life”, “ Please, Please, Please.” “Help I am Alive”, “Out of a House Walked a Man”, “The Visit”, “The Winter’s Tale”, “Street of Crocodiles”, ” Foe”.
At the same time Marcello collaborates with other companies outside Complicite’ and he develops a curiosity for the world of Masks and Commedia dell’Arte and he performs in Marivaux, Moliere, Ruzzante. Recently he has created a solo show “Arlecchino” in collaboration J. Houben and Kathryn Hunter.
Theatre has brought Marcello in collaboration with Peter Brook, Mark Rylance, Hideki Noda (Japan), George Kimoulis (Greece), Annie Castledine, Neil Bartlett, Helena Kaut Howsen (Poland and UK), Mike Alfred, David Glass, Jack Sheppard, Nancy Meckler and most of all with K. Hunter.
Kathryn and Marcello have created and collaborated in productions of Aristophanes, Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, B. Brecht, Lee Hall, at the National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe, RSC and Theatre Clwyd.
His next projects  are an evening of stories from around the world with Kathryn and writer Gilles Aufrey and performing in Othello for the RSC in 2009.
He has performed in Beckett’s Act Without Words for Becket on Film-C4 directed by Enda Hughs.